The Antigua and Barbuda Employers’ Federation presents the results of the Election of the Governing Committee for the period 2021 -2023 as follows:

Mr. Karl SpencerRepresenting Banking and other Financial Institution

Ms. Louisa NorrisRepresenting Shipping and Transportation Services

Mrs. Thomasine Greenaway-WhyteMember representing Manufacturing and Merchants

Mrs. Sherrie-Ann BrazierRepresenting Banking and other Financial Institutions

Mr. Rodney SimonRepresenting Technology and Communication

Mrs. J. Arlene WinterRepresenting Tourism (including Hotels/Restaurants)

Mr. Leslie SalmonMember representing Manufacturing and Merchants

Ms. Aarion NicholasMember representing General Business

Ms. Sharon ProctorMember representing General Business

During the elections, Mr. Karl Spencer was elected President and Ms. Louisa Norris was elected Vice-President.

The three (3) Trustees were re-elected for another two (2) year period namely, Mr. Pedro Corbin, Ms. Gloria Joseph, and Dr. Radcliffe Robins.

The Sub-committee members are as follows:

Business Development/Finance : 

1. Mr. Karl Spencer
2. Ms. Aarion Nicholas
3. Mrs. Thomasine Greenaway-Whyte
4. Mr. Leslie Salmon
5. Mr. Louis Foster
6. Mr. Kelvin Gilead

Human Resources :
1. Ms. Sharon Proctor
2. Mrs. Arlene Winter
3. Mr. Rodney Simon
4. Ms. Louisa Norris
5. Ms. Patricia Martin
6. Desiree Warren

Public Relations :
1. Mrs. Sherrie-Ann Brazier
2. Mr. Walter Berridge
3. Mr. Eurel Hodge
4. Ms. Noverly Edwards

The Executive:

Governing Committee Elected Members:

Mr. Karl Spencer representing Banking & other Financial Institutions
Mr. Rodney Simon representing Communications
Mrs. Sherrie-Ann Brazier representing General Business
Ms. Aarion Nicholas representing General Business
Mrs. Thomasine Greenaway-Whyte representing General Business
Mr. Akeem Edwards representing Hotel (including Restaurants)
Ms. Louisa Norris representing Manufacturing
Mr. Walter Berridge representing Merchants & Agents
Mr. Leslie Salmon representing Merchant & Agents
Mrs. Karen Richardson representing Shipping
Mr. Cameron Singh representing Transportation & Services

Appointment of Alternates:

Ms. Juliene Marcelle James alternate for Banking & Other Financial Institutions
Ms. Joanna Shamarie Spencer alternate for Communications
Ms. Sharon Proctor alternate for General Business
Ms. L. Noverly Edwards alternate for General Business
Mr. Kevin Williams alternate for General Business
Mrs. J. Arlene Winter alternate for Merchants & Agents
Mr. Shemrick Rodney alternate for Merchants & Agents
Ms. Desiree Warren alternate for Shipping

Human Resources:

Mr. Rodney Simon – Chairperson
Ms. Sharon Proctor
Ms. L. Noverly Edwards
Ms. Louisa Norris
Mrs. J. Arlene Winter

Public Relations:

Mr. Walter Berridge – Chairperson
Mr. Akeem Edwards
Mr. Shemrick Rodney
Mrs. Sherrie-Ann Brazier

The Business Development & Finance:

Ms. Aarion Nicholas – Chairperson
Mrs. Thomasine Greenaway-Whyte
Ms. Joanna Shamarie Spencer
Mrs. Sherrie-Ann Brazier
Mr. Kevin Williams
Mr. Cameron Singh