The Organization was formed to create the much needed voice for industry in the face of a strong workers’ movement the Antigua Trades and Labour Union.

The stated objectives were, to inform members of prevailing Labour laws and practices, to advise members as to the interpretation and applicability of said laws, to organize Employers into a respectable Association, to advise and represent Employers’ in their various challenges in dealing with workers and their representative trade unions, to promote Collective Bargaining, to oppose legislations which are disadvantageous to Employers, among others.

Karl Spencer

Mr. Karl Spencer
(Community First Cooperative Credit Union
Representing Banking and Other Financial Institutions)

Ms. Louisa Norris

Ms. Louisa Norris
Vice-President (Budget Marine (Antigua) Limited
Representing Shipping and Transportation Services)

Thomasine Greenaway-Whyte

Mrs. Thomasine Greenaway-Whyte
Woods Pharmacy Limited
(Representing Manufacturing/ Merchants)

Arianne Nicholas

Arianne Nicholas
State Insurance Company Ltd
(Representing General Business)

Arlene Winter

Mrs. Arlene Winter
Outdoor World Limited
(Representing Tourism (including Hotels/Restaurants))

Leslie Salmon

Mr. Leslie Salmon
Food Brokerage Services
(Representing Manufacturing And Merchants)

Mr. Rodney Simon

Mr. Rodney Simon
Representing Technology based businesses
(including Communications)

Ms. Sharon Proctor

Ms. Sharon Proctor
Board of Education-1994
(Representing General Business)

Mrs. Sherrie-Ann Brazier

Mrs. Sherrie-Ann Brazier
(Representing Banking and Other Financial Institutions)

The Executive Committee of nine (9) is led by Mr. Karl Spencer- President and Ms. Louisa Norris- Vice President

Our Federation is open to membership from proprietorship, companies, corporations, and statutory Bodies across the broad spectrum of business namely Tourism (Including Hotels & Restaurants), Manufacturing & Merchants, Shipping & Transportation Services, Technology based businesses (including Communications), General Business, Banking and other financial Institutions.

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We represent a cross section of small, medium, and large businesses.

The Federation provides services in Industrial (Labour) Relation, both advisory and representational, Collective Bargaining, Conflict resolution, Motivational Training programmes.

The Federation is currently led by Mr. Karl Spencer (President), Ms. Louisa Norris (Vice President).

The Secretariat is managed by Ms. J. Arlene Martin (Executive Secretary), Ms. Alison V. Charles (Jr. Labour Relations Officer).

Administrative Assistant: (Coming soon)

Labour Relations Officer: (Coming soon )


The Federation offers services to members in the following areas:

Industrial Relations:

We provide advice to members on all aspects of the tenets of Industrial Relations including Collective Bargaining and Disputes Resolution that may entail Conciliation and Arbitration by the Labour Department, as well as on the operation of the Labour Code. We represent our members through the entire process. When matters are escalated to the Industrial Court, we do recommend to the affected member the engagement of an Attorney-at-Law due to legalistic procedures which regulate the Court’s activities.

Through our services, we aim to protect the rights of employers whilst, providing definitive solutions to workplace grievances.

The services also include but are not limited to:

  • Representation at disciplinary hearings
  • Representation at domestic level disputes
  • Representation at conciliatory meetings
  • Education and sensitization of management and staff on Industrial Relations issues
  • Representation at meetings with Trade Unions (private & public)
  • Creating/editing Collective Agreements
  • Advisory service on existing and emerging Industrial Relations \issues


Based on requests from members, our Federation undertakes general and litigation research on relevant topics, e.g., wage levels by industry and/or classifications. We also research certain aspects of Personnel Management as well as conditions of work.


The Federation established a Human Resources Development Sub-Committee, which plans and promotes training activities. Some training programmes are sponsored by the International Labour Organization (ILO), the International Organization of Employers (IOE), and other International Agencies. Our core training programmes are in Industrial Relations, Customer Service and Leadership topics that are aimed at middle management/supervisory staff.

Consultation and Library Services

The Federation has a host of books and brochures on Industrial Relations and related subjects from the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Organization of Employers (IOE). We also have papers written by internationally acclaimed authors on specialized subjects. Members are free to peruse these documents and if necessary, borrow at a small fee from time to time.

The Office is located on Friars Hill Road.

Telephone contact: 268- 462-0449 / 462-0247 / 462-6279


We welcome your enquiries and application for membership.